"CrushBox" is made in Japan, and boasts the TOP market share in Japan as a physical destruction device for HDDs, SSDs, magnetic tapes, portable devices, optical disks, etc. using hydraulic pressure.
It has been introduced in more than 25 countries around the world, and the number of companies that have introduced it worldwide is increasing.

There are data erasing software and magnetic erasing devices used to erase used information devices, but it is not clear by visual inspection whether they have been destroyed.
This CrushBox is safe and reliable that you can visually confirm the destruction by physical destruction, and because the media after destruction can be recycled as a resource, the environment is also considered, It has been adopted by major corporations such as local governments and public institutions, as well as by financial, medical, research, and educational institutions.

CrushBox has a total of 6 models, ranging from a manual type that does not require a power supply, to a hard disk destruction device compliant with the United States NSA, to the highest-class national secret professional data erasing multifunction device, and can be used according to the application.


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